Running vs Walking which one is better , This question will pinch every fitness geek . Running and walking both are similar concepts . But if you compare Head to Head A to B both options are better for your health , they both are beneficial to bone density and then to Bone strength.

Calories burned in 1 Mile Walk vs 1 Mile Run For a 6 Ft. height person

Walk Calories Burned Per Mile: 88.9
Run Calories Burned Per Mile: 112.5

Walk Calories Burned Per Minute: 4.78
Run Calories Burned Per Minute: 11.25

Walk After-Burn Per Mile: 21.7
Run After-Burn Per Mile: 46.1

What is so great about walking

Walking is a regular exercise that keeps you healthy , Few benefits of walking are as follows:-

  • Walking helps you in maintaining risk of high blood pressure and as well as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Walking is ideal for bone joints because it is a low-impact-activity
  • By doing some low intensity exercise you can burn your stored fat :p

Few facts about running

Running makes you ready for random competitions. 😎

  • Running Burns more calories per hour , that makes it more efficient than walking 😎
  • Running controls weight in a much better way than walking , so runners are able to maintain weight loss for long term
  • Running regulates your hunger hormones more efficiently

So Which one is better Running or Walking ?

End of the day you will think that which one is better running or walking , it is your own choice how much weight you want to reduce. By running or walking you want to reduce your calories and Buddy calorie is a favorite calorie that is difficult to burn. 😎 That’s it for the day !!!

Running Vs Walking Exercise Images

Running Vs Walking Walking Exercise
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