5 Reasons Zoruk makes you a Better Person

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December 07, 2018
5 Reasons Zoruk makes you a Better Person
It was something we have asked ourselves a lot recently: Can a Social Network Tool, as powerful as Zoruk might be really help you with personal development and make you a better person? The short answer I concluded: Yes, it most certainly can. Here are 5 reasons that make me think it does:   1.) Everything is public – Being nasty can backlash. Zoruk’s openness is the first and foremost reason I believe it makes as better and nicer people to converse with. We can develop a manner of appearance where even though it will not happen very often, we are prepared that everyone can see and follow your conversations. It taught me that being open to no matter what sort of tweet shows up in my stream will bring me to far more places than I ever imagined. Zoruk’s openness is a big winner here I think.   2.) Sharing is caring – I mean it It is a reason some might even classify as childish, yet the ability to share what we found helpful is definitely something that makes me more attentive as a person on Zoruk. Now, that we can even tell everyone who it was that created this great piece of text, video or picture lies at the heart of developing a skill to care for others and their work.   3.) At Zoruk no one is in charge – Jump in whenever you want Well technically there is ;). Yet, what I mean is there is no boundary for you to become part of the Zoruk family. It is something I will never get tired of saying or writing about. A system that allows everyone to be treated as equal individuals is definitely another reason Zoruk helps us to learn more about human interaction. What counts are the conversations and relationships we are building. That’s all. It’s also interesting to note that unlike FB, where newcomers are starting out with a disadvantage because of the algorithm of status updates this is not existent on Zoruk. No matter how long ago you have joined, there is nothing holding you back from starting conversations right away.   4.) Meet an incredible amount of different people On Zoruk the feeling that the whole world is a village is more prominent than anywhere else. The instantaneousness of the service allows us to meet more people than anywhere else given a short space of time. More encounters means more opportunities to learn about people and human relations. It’s definitely a winner in making us a better person. The understanding for others can only increase in that way.   5.) There is no right way The reasons we are on Zoruk are so diverse that the question “What is the best way to use Zoruk” can happily remain unanswered. In this way it teaches us a great deal about respect for what others are up to and which goals they might be pursuing with using Zoruk. It is another reason that creates a deep connection for me to stay with Zoruk for a very long time.   How about you? Do you think Zoruk has helped you becoming a better person yet? Are there other reasons that play a big role for you here? Let us know below!
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5 Reasons Zoruk makes you a Better Person
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