About Zoruk

Zoruk is a media platform for people of India where every person can connect to every single sector of news online such as government, politics, sports and etc. You can see “what others think about it” You can tell “what you think about it”. Even you can spark a discussion on any thought or news, you want. Stay updated with every single step taken by the government.

Digital India | Zoruk | Make in India

These three have one thing in common “To make India digitized in every aspect”. Zoruk is doing it by connecting every indian to its government from around the corners of India. Somehow, it is the subset of the ideologies of Digital India and Make in India.

Our Features

Mood Kya Hai

Zoruk brings a cool thing for you as Mood kya hai where you can show how you felt about the posts (like, love, sad or angry), and also you can comment, rebuzz the post on your wall or preview of all your posts before making it viral.

Our Mission

We are trying to connect all the dots to form an outline of India where the dots are the people of India and the outline is the Indian government. So that, every single person from every corner of India can connect with its government. WIth this every person can participate and feel like they are also a part of their Indian government. Because you know “every person in india has the right to knowledge”. We want every person to share their views, suggestions and opinions on every news, articles and gossip. Because “Sharing is caring”

Understand What is happening

Zoruk is the place where you can discuss or share few things such as भारतीय जनता पार्टी की ओर से जारी प्रेस विज्ञप्ति Here is the Official Few Key Points From Budget 2018posted by Ministry of finance in India. Piyush Goyal orders top Railway officials to move out of ministry and work on the field and much more. You can Register within 30 Seconds. We care about your privacy so we have designed our Privacy Policy. Also you can contact us for any queries . We will be happy to assist you.

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