Bigg Boss 12, Day 79, Written Update: Somi Khan's Comments Upsets Jasleen Matharu

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December 07, 2018
Bigg Boss 12, Day 79, Written Update: Somi Khan\'s Comments Upsets Jasleen Matharu
New Delhi: The game is getting interesting with each passing day and tonight\'s episode was no different with its share of twists, turns and fights. This week\'s luxury budget task - \'Bigg Boss School\' - was announced by Bigg Boss and Karanvir Bohra read out the task rules to all the contestants of the house. The contestants had to come up with fresh strategies to disqualify the contestant who they don\'t want in the captaincy task and also win back the lost prize money. After the first buzzer went off, the contestants gathered near the door of the baggage room to get the bag with the name of the contestants they wanted to eliminate inscribed on it. However, during this time, a massive argument broke out between Sreesanth and Romil. Dipika was agitated with both the housemates for their behaviour. Sreesanth blocked Romil from entering the bus and this further infuriates him. While Romil is in a continual battle with his former friends from "Happy Club", he is building friendly ties with Megha Dhade and Jasleen Matharu. But Somi Khan is clearly not like this budding friendship among the trio. Somi accused Jasleen of seeking support from the men in the house to be part of the game and these allegations upset her. Romil tries to intervene and resolve the tiff. He tried to gain Somi\'s confidence and consoled her by saying that she is still the most important person for him in the house. After the completion of the first part of the luxury budget task on a rather bitter note, the second day of the task was no different for the contestants, who continued with their verbal argument with each other. Rohit and Sreesanth got into a fight once again. Bigg Boss will announce the winners of the luxury budget task tomorrow. Watch this space for more Bigg Boss 12 updates.
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Bigg Boss 12, Day 79, Written Update: Somi Khan\'s...
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