Cambridge Analytica Scandal: MEITY issued Notice to Facebook for Data Leaks

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September 23, 2018
Cambridge Analytica Scandal: MEITY issued Notice to Facebook for Data Leaks
On Wednesday, the ministry of electronics and IT (MEITY) issued a notice to Facebook seeking details of the data breach. The ministry of electronics and IT (MEITY) wants to check whether the Indian voters\' personal data hasn\'t been used by Cambridge Analytica or any other entity. Also, to check the Data hasn\'t been used for Indian Electoral Process. Till 7 April 2018, Facebook has to respond to the ministry of electronics and IT. <br> Last Friday, similar notice has been issued from Facebook to the Cambridge Analytica for details of Data Leak. <br><br> A letter issued by MEITY to Facebook asked, "Is the breached data compromised by Cambridge Analytica or any other downstream entity in any manner or how is it compromised? Or Facebook or any other agencies related to it has been engaged in such activity for Indian electoral process previously? " <br><br> The government has also asked for details whether the data has been misused in any manner or what is the protection of the data subject and what are the proposed steps to prevent from such misuse of data or potential interference?. <br><br> Today, Facebook has the largest footprint in India in terms of user base. What is preventive measure there to ensure safety, security and privacy over such large database? <br> In an earlier notice to Cambridge Analytica, the government seeks details whether they have engaged in such acts of the Indian users\' data misuse. Cambridge Analytica has time until March 31 to respond. <br><br> "I believe Congress was their client and I know all their of projects. I don\'t remember any national project. India\'s one state can be as big as Britain," Christopher Wylie said as part of his deposition.
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Cambridge Analytica Scandal: MEITY issued Notice to...
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