CJI Deepak Mishra said, electronic media can not think that he can become a pope overnight

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July 27, 2018
New Delhi: Chief justice Deepak Mishra said that we respect the freedom of the press, but it should also work responsibly. The electronic media cannot think that they can become a pope overnight. Many people in the electronic media think that they can write anything. The Supreme Court made this comment during the hearing of the petitioner Rohini Singh's petition. In Ayodhya case, the court will decide, 'Is the Islamic part of Islam reading prayers in the mosque? The Chief Justice said that some people can write anything at the cottage? Is this journalism? He said that although I always favor the freedom of the press, how somebody starts talking about someone. It has no limits. During the hearing on the petition of journalist Rohini Singh of The Wire, the CJI said that they are not talking about this case but rather normal. Supreme Court bans criminal action against wire editors and journalists Next hearing will be on April 12. The Gujarat High Court had dismissed the petition of journalist Rohini Singh, the web portal of The Wire, in which she demanded the cancellation of the criminal defamation case filed by Jai Shah. The website claimed that a year after the NDA came to power, his company's business grew 16,000 times. After becoming Narendra Modi's Prime Minister in 2014, the company made a huge increase in its business. In one year, its income increased from Rs 50,000 to Rs 80 crore. Jai Shah filed a criminal defamation suit against writer Rohini Singh.
CJI Deepak Mishra said, electronic media can not think that he can become a pope overnight
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CJI Deepak Mishra said, electronic media can not think...
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