DragonBall Super, at its Final End

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July 27, 2018
The latest episode of 'Dragon Ball Super' has finished airing in Japan, and its simulcast is on its way to sites like Crunchyroll. However, the episode's immense hype has led to one very unfortunate event. You know, because sites like Crunchyroll are being overloaded.
Goku and the gang has gathered too many fans to their nearest streaming stations. Crunchyroll is currently experiencing blackouts due to high traffic. The site's partner VRV is also malfunctioning due to the overload. Right now, both sites are asking users to wait for the reload and let users onto their respective pages.
the statement just released by the company (Crunchyroll) via Twitter below: "We’re doing our very best, so all of you can watch the episode we’ve all been waiting for. We understand your frustration and are fighting hard to get back up to 100%!! As always, we thank you for your feedback and are listening. We’ll keep you updated! Thank you!!!" In the face of Dragon Ball Super's overwhelming popularity, it isn't the first time. Last October, episode 110 caused prolonged blackouts for audiences as the episode introduced Goku's Ultra Instinct state to the world. Tonight's episode added to the transforming as it revealed the Saiyan's mastered Ultra Instinct transformation during his on-going fight with Jiren. All good things must come to an end, and Dragon Ball Super's TV show is no exception. While the franchise is continuing with Toei Animation, the company is halting its weekly series next week with episode 131. The finale will bring the series' latest arc to an end as the Tournament of Power should see its last moments pass, and fans just got their first look at the action-packed episode. A 30-second preview of the finale was released by Toei Animation. The clip shows Jiren facing Freeza and Android 17 in an all-out battle of desperation. With his shirt totally ripped, the Pride Trooper is shown dodging blasts by the android while Freeza comes at the Universe 11 fighter from above. A voiceover from Goku can be heard over the reel as the hero explains the situation. "Did I lose," Goku can be heard asking. "No, the fight ain't over yet. We've still got our final ace in the hole. The extraordinary, shocking climax that will decide the fate of all will make everyone tremble." The brief clip doesn't reveal how the series will end in full, but fans are dissecting its final moments. The preview's last clips focus on several familiar faces as the Omni-Kings are shown against a gold background before the reel switches over to the Grand Priest. The mysterious figure is seen looking down at the arena with an unreadable expression before he turns his back to the tournament's winners. The suspicious move has got fans wondering whether the Grand Priest will do something in the next episode that will set up the first Dragon Ball Super film and the show's anticipated return down the line.
DragonBall Super, at its Final End
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DragonBall Super, at its Final End
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