Google started rolling out Mobile-First Indexing

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August 05, 2018
New Delhi: On 26th March, Google announced, they are rolling out the mobile-first indexing to only those sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing. These privileges are for selected ones who pass all the evaluation tests. We have listed those down below.

Mobile-First Index? No.
It's Mobile-First Indexing.

Reason: It's not a new separate index. Google said that they will continue to have a single index that will be used for serving search results.
There is a mobile-first index but it's separate from the main index. This is why there is so much confusion.

At first, it was about crawling and indexing the web as a desktop browser would see. Now, the mobile browser would see the web page before crawling and indexing the web page.

Webmasters Notification

In Google Search Console, Google notifies those who have verified properties if they want their sites to switch over to the new mobile-first indexing process. They will send a notification.
Here is a screenshot of the notification:

In this way, site owners will see increased crawl rate and mobile version of pages in search results and cached pages in Google.

Evaluation of Each Site

Google said, "Evaluation of each site individually for its readiness for mobile-first indexing will be based on the best practices and transition of the site when the site is ready."

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Google started rolling out Mobile-First Indexing
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Google started rolling out Mobile-First Indexing
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