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November 14, 2018

How can we meet Narendra Modi?

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Helllo All , 

I think Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not have enough time to meet everyone personally because he has lots of work to do !! But Don't Get disappointed still you can meet Modi if you follow these steps:- 
1. Setup Twitter Account 

2. Join BJP IT Cell 
     -> they are hiring and they will pay you taxes also for that 

3. Tweet Rape, Murder Threats and  abuse anybody who speaks against Mr. Modi, Amit Shah and RSS and BJP and Yogi Adityanath as well 

4.  Go to Step 3 and Loop !!!

If you become part of their THINKTANK, they will invite you and congratulate you !! You will also get free accommodation and food with all the 5-star amenities !!!

Here are some PROOF  of getting Rewarded for their extraordinary work for the party !!!

BJP Mumbai Spokesperson

BJP Delhi Spokesperson 

Give your best performance after all PRADHANSEVAK don't have time for all Press Conferences and interviews !!.  This #super150 Can make you possible to meet your Favorite Leader

Thanks For Reading

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How can we meet Narendra Modi?
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