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September 21, 2018

If each brand had an honest slogan, what would some be?

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A bit long answer but you are going to enjoy it!!

Here we go:


We are planing to rename it to meme’s world


You spend more time here than you do in your classes.


Backup— incase whatsapp doesn’t work


Still most users are from India!


Bad face— we can take care with a filter!


You are talking to me more than you do with your father!!

Google Maps:

You can try to find your house in our maps— but you will not find them.


I know you will continue to skip ads but even then I will continue to show them!


You know gmail is better then others if not- you know you will need it to login to other websites!

Internet Explorer:

Enter only if you have a lot of time to waste (we are damn fast, you know)


Doesn’t matter if you right swipe every beautiful girl, they will continue to left swipe you!


You come here only to watch those channels that you don’t want to subscribe in your TV by paying rs.60/month

Adobe Acrobat

You know we work fine (just kidding)!!

Go Daddy:

Daddys have already gone!


No matter what the memes say you know Iphone is cheaper than your kidney— or maybe your kidney is cheaper than an Iphone.


We help in winters!


Incase you don’t want a Redmi!


Only for rich folks!


It’s always fresh (Just kidding)


We both taste same!!


We can make anything!


We are costly because — come on we have Virat Kohli as our brand ambassador!

Peter England:

The name might sound rich but we are an Indian company


We want all to have a heart of a beggar or appearance of a beggar rather!

Fair and Lovely:

No matter how much you use nothing is gonna change.


Because you are ugly


You can find better on tinder!



Suggestion awaited

By the Indian teen.

If each brand had an honest slogan, what would some be?
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