Jan Nayak Janta Dal: Ajay Chautala's Party Name Announced

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November 21, 2018
Jan Nayak Janta Dal: Ajay Chautala\'s Party Name Announced
During the afternoon, Dushyant Chautala, Naina Chautala, Ajay Chautala has announced their new Party Name: Jan Nayak Janta Dal The Reason behind the Separation and Formation of a New Party: Former Haryana chief minister and Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) patriarch Om Prakash Chautala on Wednesday expelled his elder son, Ajay Singh Chautala from primary membership of the party. The expulsion has pushed the party to the brink and a split is imminent as there is no scope of a reconciliation between Ajay and his younger brother Abhay, who is the leader of opposition in the Haryana assembly. Ajay, a former MP, was convicted in the junior basic trained teacher recruitment scam along with his father and they were given a 10-year imprisonment. His sons — Hisar MP Dushyant and party students’ wing chief Digvijay — were expelled from the INLD less than a fortnight ago.Both Dushyant and Digvijay were accused of indiscipline, hooliganism and spreading disaffection against the party leadership during the birthday celebrations of Chaudhary Devi Lal on October 7. Ajay was the secretary general of the Haryana unit of the INLD. Confirming the expulsion, INLD state president Ashok Arora said the decision to remove Ajay from the post of general secretary as well as party’s primary membership was taken by OP Chautala.“Ajay Chautala has been accused of activities that vitiated the party discipline and weakened the cohesiveness, unity and integrity of the party. I continue to adhere to the principle where no individual or member of my family is above the discipline of the party,” said OP Chautala’s letter. Ajay was expelled a day after he wrote to all the party MPs/MLAs and office bearers of party’s state body and district units to attend November 17 meeting he had convened at Jind. He has been accused of trying to run a parallel party organisation(Jan Nayak Janta Dal) by going beyond his powers and calling an unauthorised meeting of the party, Arora added. He made it clear that disciplinary action would be taken against all party members participating in Ajay’s meeting.Ajay Chautala(Jan Nayak Janta Dal) termed the decision “undemocratic,” as he should have been informed about the charges for which he has been punished. Commenting on his father’s expulsion, Dushyant(Jan Nayak Janta Dal) said some persons were trying to run the party by using the name of O P Chautala. He clarified that there would be no changes in the November 17 meeting. Jan Nayak Janta Dal Paty Formation started as Dushyant Chautala, Naina Chautala, Ajay Chautala and 14 Inelo MLA arrived in the JAAT Bhawan. The meeting in Jind and Chandigarh today between the political tension prevailed in INLD. A clear indication is given by Ajay Chautala before leaving. He said that Jind will be a new flag and a new band, which will be decided by all the partners. INLD leader Ajay Chautala, MLA and state president reached the Jat Bhawan in Chandigarh(new party: Jan Nayak Janta Dal). State President Ashok Arora has reached 14 MLAs from Himachal\'s Parivanu with Chandigarh. Along with this, a large number of INO workers have also reached. In the same way, in large numbers, INLD supporters have also reached Jind. Among them, MP Dushyant Chautala has also reached. Leaders of Abhay Cheema, who survived from giving statements on the formation of a new party in Jind: On the discussion of Ajay Chautala \'s creation of a new party(Jan Nayak Janta Dal) in Jind, people from Abhay camp are avoiding speaking. When the question was asked by Inelo State President Ashok Arora and Inelo MLA Zakir Hussain that Ajay Chautala is talking about new flags and new poles, he refused to answer. Image Source: YouTube
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Amar rhe.. Dushyant Chautala...
Jan Nayak Janta Dal: Ajay Chautala\'s Party Name Announced
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