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August 09, 2018
anyone know about this.
know,see,speak,love,strove,feel, ground
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The study of 7 chakras has been originates in Eastern spritiuals traditions that consider seven primary chakras on the basis of our human existance. 

Here is the List of 7 Chakras is as follows :- 


  1. Root Chakras - Base of the spine
  2. Sacral Chakras - Just below the navel
  3. Solar plexus chakras - stomach area 
  4. Heart Chakra - Just Above the chest
  5. Throat Chakra - Below throat
  6. Third eye Chakra

Sometimes , a sanskrit name is used instead of English as we all knows that our most western cultures comes from yogic traditions of india . You will sometimes refered them as :- 

  1. Muladhara
  2. Suvadhistna
  3. Manipura 
  4. Anahata
  5. Vishudhha
  6. Ajna
  7. Sahasara

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For more info : 7 Chakras of Life

know,see,speak,love,strove,feel, ground
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