NASA will study the energy released from the sun

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September 30, 2018
NASA will study the energy released from the sun
New Delhi: The new NASA device of the American space agency has started measuring the light energy emitting from the sun. This device, called <strong>Total and Spectral Solar Eradication Sensor (TSIIS-1)</strong>, has been installed at the International Space Station. On December 15, this device was launched from the Air Force Station of Florida with Falcon 9 rocket of private space company Space X.<br><br> <strong>Dong Wu</strong> of TSES-1, a project scientist at NASA\'s Goddard Space Flight Center, says that TSIS-1 will collect detailed data, which will give us the effects of sun\'s radiation on Earth, the ozone layer, environmental cyclone, ecosystem, and it will help to understand the effects on the earth system and climate change. <br><br> For the past two months, researchers from the US-based University of Colorado were testing it. Dang Wu of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center said, "TSI-1 is working from March 4. Based on the information gathered from this device, the impact of the sun on the Earth\'s ozone layer, atmosphere, and ecosystem (Echo System) can be studied.<br> Wu said that the data from its sensor will help us better understand the primary source of energy to the Earth and give such information which will improve the models studying Earth\'s climate. This device was released from the <strong> Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on December 15, 2017, with Space X Falcon-9 rocket</strong>. <br><br>
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NASA will study the energy released from the sun
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