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October 24, 2018

PM Modi ji kre toh RAM RAM. Navjot Sidhu ji kre toh khatte aam. Ache Din Aane Wale Hain

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Well, I am an Indian and I am actually against Modi, because I have great expectations from him and he turned in to another typical liar.

Let me share you some of his lies. Long Answer !!  Please git it some time

1.) As CM: Modi, during Congress regime, opposed GST and stated that it is harmful.

Gujarat opposes GST regime - Times of India

As a PM, he claimed it as fair.

GST is 'good and simple tax', PM Modi says - Times of India

P.s (Don’t go on to say that Modi’s GST is different. If Modi really did want a different GST, he would have opposed a specific feature of Congress proposed GST, but in reality, Modi opposed the whole of it)

2.) CM Modi supported Lokpal act during the hunger-strike.

But as a PM, he did everything to weaken it.

Modi government weakened Lokpal Act: Anna Hazare

3.) As CM:In 2013, Modi opposed Aadhar as it is dangerous to the privacy of an individual.

BJP attacks Aadhaar scheme, says it violates right to privacy

But now, he made it mandatory for all to link Aadhaar (except his ministers).

Aadhaar card mandatory for commoners but not for ministers under Modi government

4.) As CM: Modi Opposed GST, before he become PM and now he implemented it.

5.) As CM, he opposed MGNREGA. He called it a failure of Congress.

And guess what, in 2016 budget, Jaitley pumped in thousands of crores for this so called "Congress failure’.

6.) Modi opposed DBT (Direct Benefit transfer) as CM

And now he implemented it.

7.) As CM, he opposed petrol price hike

And we know, the situation right now.

8.) Modi blasted Congress for beef export and we at the present scenario, India is still the worlds 2nd largest beef exporting country.

9.) And the most hilarious thing. Modi as CM blamed Congress for low GDP.

As a PM, when he was blamed for low GDP, this man said, ‘Even in Congress tenure this happened and GDP is not an indicator of growth’. (So ?? )

PM Modi assures economy on right track: Top quotes - Times of India

10.) And moreover, he make sure to do everything to weak the act of ‘Right to Information act’

Instead of this in let’s see what he speaks in political rally.

Modi quoted that he and his party respect every religion. But let’s look at his quotes and those of other BJP ministers

PM Narendra Modi's 'Aurangzeb Raj' Dig As Rahul Gandhi Set To Become Congress Chief

Islamabad is trying to fix Gujarat polls, says Modi

Pakistan military wants to see Ahmed Patel as Gujarat CM: Modi

You want mandir or masjid, Modi asks Cong - Times of India

Modi an incarnation of Krishna: Rajasthan BJP MLA

BJP MP Babu Lal defends hate speech against Muslims at VHP meet

Indian Minister Calls Non-Hindus 'Bastards'

So I guess, if my assumption on the definition of liar is correct, Modi has each and every reason to be called a liar.

Being a fan of great leaders like Jose Mujica, I was made to be anti-Modi

Here are few pictures of Narendra MODI  you want to see !! 

1.5 Crore Rs. Suit 

RTI Disclosed the truth about  MR MODI having JHADU in his early days

Thanks For Watching !!! Sorry for bad English . 

Dont Forget to React !!! 

Navjot Singh Sidhu visited Pakistan on government invitation. Without invitation, Narendra Modi visited Nawaz Sharif’s personal birthday party and shamelessly ate chocolate cake and sang “happy birthday” uninvited. Who is anti-national then? Who is a Terrorist then? 

It's really sad to see that No one question Modi. Just because "He's the Prime Minister of India". Why so partiality? 

PM Modi ji kre toh RAM RAM. Navjot Sidhu ji kre toh...
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