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Former Software Engineering Analyst at Accenture Former Software engineer at Atos Syntel Studies MBA at Indore Institute of Management and Research(IIMR Indore) Studied at Lord Krishna College of Technology Went to SICA - South Indian Cultural Association School Went to SICA SS School Lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra From Indore, India

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Rare 19-Feet Long King Cobra Spotted In Odisha Village

MAYURBHANJ: A rare 19 feet King Cobra was rescued in Odisha from a villager\'s home in Mayurbhanj district. Ruhia Singh from Balipal village jumped out of his bed when he spotted the cobra in his room and raised an alarm. The villagers gathered... Read More

Abhilash Somya Hardia posted a Buzz

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers…/selenium-interview-questions-and-a… 1) Selenium Real Time Interview Questions…/selenium-real-time-interview-quest… 2) Interview Questions on Selenium... Read More

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