Supreme Court on Honor Killing: Khap Panchayats interfere in marriage of two adults is illegal

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July 27, 2018
"The court said, "If any panchayat or public meeting interfere in the marriage of two adults, then it is considered illegal." On Tuesday, the Supreme Court termed any interference of khap panchayats as illegal for the marriage of two adults. The Supreme Court pronounced this verdict on the petition of an NGO Shakti Vahini. The NGO filed a petition in 2010 against Honor Killing in the Supreme Court. Earlier in March, the Supreme Court had reserved the verdict on the matter. The court said that any interference in the wedding of two adults with mutual consent would be illegal. The court issued guidelines for preventing the safety and interference of such joints. The court, while giving protection to the married couples, said that it is legal to have a khap or a group together with the intention of acting on them. This court order will allow inter-caste marriages for intermarriage couples to get protection from the verdicts of Khap Panchayats and others.Court has given this verdict on PIL on raising the issue of the verdicts and attacks of Khap Panchayats against Andor Killing and Lovers joints.

Bench of three Judges announced the decision

  • The bench of three judges was hearing the petition on Khap Panchayat. Justice AM Khanvilkar and Justice DV Chandrakumari were also present in the Bench headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra.
  • The Bench said that if two adults coming from two different communities marry on their own wish, then any of their relatives or the third person will not have the right to threaten them or to commit violence on them.

State security to non-racial marriage

  • During the hearing, the central government also told the court that in the event of non-racial marriage, state governments should protect the married couple. If the couple is threatened, then they should complain about the matter with the marriage officers.
  • The court also said that Khap Panchayats should not work as a guardian of the society. The marriage of two adults is decided by law.

In the previous hearing, the court had put the blame
  • In the previous hearing, Chief Justice Deepak Mishra had said, "Whether they are parents, society or anyone else, they are different from it. Anyone, whether it is a man, more than one People or groups do not have the right to interfere in marriage (of the adults). "
  • Earlier in the hearing in January, the Supreme Court had said that the adult boy or girl can marry on their own wishes. No, Khap Panchayat, Parents, Society or any other person cannot question it. The court also said that if the government does not ban Khap Panchayats, then the court will take action.

The SC was hearing the petition of the NGO
  • The Supreme Court was hearing the petition of a non-governmental organization Shakti Vahini (NGO).
  • There was a demand in the petition that such crimes should be banned. In North India, particularly in Haryana, the khap panchayats or the village courts, acting like a law, punish those who marry against the wishes of their family.

What is the Khap Panchayat?
  • Khap is a group of people. People of one tribe or tribe form a Khap-Panchayat, which is of five or more villages.
  • They do not have legal recognition. In spite of any incident in the village, khap decides to rise above the law and decide.
  • Khap Panchayats have been working for a long time in the villages of some states of the country. However, in these, the Khap Panchayats of Haryana have some distinct identity. It is said that khap was started from Haryana only. Khap Panchayats have also been making disputed decisions in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Supreme Court on Honor Killing: Khap Panchayats interfere in marriage of two adults is illegal
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Supreme Court on Honor Killing: Khap Panchayats...
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