Walmart-Flipkart: Ready to enter the Food and Grocery Sector, Together

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July 27, 2018
New Delhi: Walmart-Flipkart together is ready to step inside the food sector in Indian Market. Together, they are going to build food and grocery infrastructure in India’s online and offline food retail markets. If the deal is completed, it would give Walmart a major stake in e-commerce market of 1.3 billion people. Selling food items online is in Pune on a pilot basis running by Amazon's Amazon’s fully-owned subsidiary Amazon India Retail Pvt Ltd.

Who'll sit at the Head of this Table

2007 : Walmart enters India through a wholesale retailing venture

2013 :US rival Amazon starts its e-commerce marketplace in India

2017 :
  • Amazon receives India's approval for a 100% subsidiary that is allowed to sell locally produced food through online and offline channels

  • Walmart initiates talks to purchase stakes in Amazon's India rival Flipkart

2018 : Amazon starts selling food directly to consumers online in Pune on a pilot basis
Walmart-Flipkart: Ready to enter the Food and Grocery Sector, Together
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Walmart-Flipkart: Ready to enter the Food and Grocery...
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