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August 13, 2018

What are your reviews on 29 years of the World Wide Web ?

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As per said by Tim Lee (Founder of www - World wide web) on its 29th anniversary 

"29 Years of world wide web - we made internet dangerous"

He also wrote that "Internet has become the dangerous place for weapons and half of the world doesn't want to connect to the internet anymore"

Here are few question which comes in mind when we think about internet 

1. Question about web trust

The World Wide Web has completed 29 years, we are going to achieve a unique achievement in this 30th year, this year, half of the world's population will have come online, now we have two questions: first- the rest of the population How can we get online? Secondly, seeing the internet that we have in front of us, whether the rest of the population also wants to come online or not? Actually the web was created as a space that is free, PUNE TO ALL ALSO AND CREATIVE. But now the picture seems to be changed. The question of the credibility of the web is going on, so the creative angle has just ended up here, now the thing is going to be free for all of them. It's a distant thing.

2. Earning up to 20% for one GB

"There are many countries where people can get 1 GB data with good speed by spending 1-2% of their earnings, but Zimbabwe and all other African countries are also where there is 1 GB data For people, 20% of the money is looted, so the internet world is becoming uneven. "

3. Only poor, villagers and women can get it online

"Now the third thing is to be available to the web's open to all." There are lots of things going on in the way the internet is being used today, I am just saying that we are creating armed Internet This internet will be as dangerous as any person carrying weapons, such an Internet can not be accessible to everyone. To overcome this threat, business, technology, government, entertainment, education, every Talented people of the field must come together. "

Note: "Surely we will be able to create good internet, because one thing is clear. If we can bring the poor population, population in the villages and women online, then believe that the success has been achieved."

There are few things which you cannot buy on Internet .

1. The notice 

2. The Figure in the window 

3. Recorded by a hunter in a camera 

4. The strange case of Jeremy Berethon

5. Footprints on the snow 

Thank You All For reading such a long post 
hope you enjoyed!!!!

What are your reviews on 29 years of the World Wide Web ?
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