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August 14, 2018

Why can't Google build an e-commerce website like Amazon and compete with them?

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I will definitely answer this. But before that, please go through the below statistics:

Search engine market share - Google has 91.63%, Bing has 2.71% and Yahoo! has 1.94%.

Do you think Microsoft can compete with Google here?

Social networking market share - Facebook has 75.6%, Pinterest has 9.98% and Twitter has 5.46%.

Do you think Google Plus can compete with Facebook here?

Cloud market share - Amazon Web Services had 62 percent market share in the quarter, down from 68 percent a year earlier, KeyBanc's Brent Bracelin and other analysts wrote in a note on Thursday. Microsoft Azure jumped from 16 percent to 20 percent, and Google's share increased from 10 percent to 12 percent, they said.

Source: Amazon lost cloud market share to Microsoft in the fourth quarter: KeyBanc

Do you think Google can compete and dominate AWS here?

Mobile OS market share - Android has 74.78%, IOS has 20.15%, Windows has 0.58% and Unknown has 2.53%.

Do you think Microsoft Windows can compete with Google Android here?

E-commerce market share:

In the estimate, there are between 2 million and 3 million e-commerce companies in the world (excluding China).

North America (USA & Canada) has about 1.3 million e-commerce companies

Pure-play e-commerce companies around the world are less than 100,000. Which means, e-commerce by default means omnichannel.

Source: How big is the global e-commerce market? – Hacker Noon

Now, do you think Google should compete with Amazon here?

Or is it making more sense to improve its market share in the existing dominant areas?

To keep short, E-commerce is not an easy thing to build in a year or so as it includes sellers, warehouses, logistics, great technology, customer service and a hell lot of other things. I think Google is doing its way good by keeping its time and effort in other things instead of building another e-commerce site to compete with the already deep-rooted, dominated mega amazon.

Google is more focused on technology than product based on that technology. It's trying to increase the reach of its technologies Amazon is nothing just collecting things from small and big vendors and selling it to those who don't want to do a window shopping. 

Why can\'t Google build an e-commerce website like...
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